zondag 23 februari 2014

goldy update

Hello everybody
to let you all know how my goldies are doing 
I'm going to post some stunning photo's of them ! 







So as you can see my goldies are doing great and growing well ! 

Long time no see

Hello everybody,

I didn't update for a long time and I'm sorry for that !
I will update you on everything, in this post I will show you the progress of my shrimp tank.
since that's the latest post I've posted.

First of all I've made a vid about how I added my shrimp into the tank.
I cycled it for like 5 weeks, because shrimp easily die when their tank isn't cycled the right way.

I had a few pregnant shrimp over the last months and I will show you guys some photo's of my cute shrimps and babies.

this is what my tank loos like atm, I also bought myself this food dish to feed the shrimp in!
here some photo's of my shirmp.

this big yellow stripes on the back means it's a female and she's ready to preduse eggs ! 

here you can see the eggs inside of the belly of my shrimp!
and here are some baby photos

and here they are eating in the food dish.

here is my latest video about my cute shrimp.

donderdag 28 november 2013

Shrimp tank up to now

Hey everybody, 

I'm cycling my shrimp tank at the moment, and it's now cycling for about 2 weeks I guess.
It needs to cycle for about 5 weeks and than I can start ordering my shrimp!!

so here are some photos of my tank!